Tuesday, February 1, 2011


the deadline for submissions is MARCH FIRST!
holy heck, time flies when you're having progressive fun!

a few important things to say:

1) don't worry yourself if your email is sent after midnight-- we will be accepting submissions all day March 1st as well! any submissions later than that though, unfortunately, cannot be accepted!

2) we've been approached several times with questions regarding bios-- some people seem just a bit anxious about writing a bio for themselves (as we requested on our posters for your submission). basically, all we're looking for is a little introduction to who you are, where you're from, if you've been published anywhere else, or if your art has been on display anywhere. don't worry if you have never been 'published'-- achievement goes much deeper than credits to your name: are you working on any cool projects? do you go to school, and what are you taking? what did you eat for breakfast? it's all good! :)
feel free to be silly. feel free to be deadly serious. just keep it brief :)
or heck, be mysterioso and don't send a bio! *be warned that if you don't send one, we may write a mock one for you!

here is an example bio of mine for you to work with:
Lindsay Cahill works and writes from the cozy corner of Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. Her writing has been featured in lapse, on ditch, and at home. The artists who have inspired her include Gertrude Stein, Tim Burton, and Matt Groening... And, oh yes, she really hates yo-yos. (100 points to the person who gets that reference.)

3) if you would like to be published under a specific name (i.e. all lower case, all upper case, just your first name, just your last name, just a nickname, etc.), make sure to put that name in your bio :)

4) for zee writers: send your poems or short fiction in the body of your email unless your form will get all messed up!
visual artists: send attachments of high resolution jpg format photos :)

and just in case you're newer to dg, here is a recap of what we are about / looking for:

we like anything and everything that pushes / questions / rips apart / slaps around / pokes fun of / gets in a car and runs over / bullies the boundaries. from the boundaries of academia, or the art world, to the boundaries of day-to-day social interaction: screw categorization.

we're accepting:

visual art - photography, doodles, sketches, paintings, sculptures, graphic design, etc. (high-res photos of the non-digital work, please!) - submit up to 5 visual pieces
literature - poetry, short-fiction, articles, essays, novel excerpts, screen-play excerpts, theatre excerpts, song lyrics, etc. - submit up to six poems, or prose no longer than 2500 words

send your submissions to deadgender.mag@gmail.com :)

and, HEY! don't forget about the CASH PRIZES: three $20 prizes for outstanding pieces, $50 to the Best Runner-Up, and $100 for the piece/artist who "rocked our sox" (as the kids say)!
winners will be announced on April 1st , 2011 (a.i.xi), along with the publication of the magazine :)

LOVE, big mama.

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