Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Incongruous Quarterly

The Incongruous Quarterly has awesomely been on a mission to 'publish the unpublishable'. (meaning, "[writing that may be] too long or too short, too weird, too conventional, ahead of (or behind) the times, genreless, plotless, subjectless, easily pigeonholed or impossible to define." (Source.)
this is exactly the kind of non-categorical, boundariless brilliance I hope comes from all lit/art mags eventually.

I'd like to spread word about the The Incongruous's CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS for their Spring 2011 issue-- the DEADLINE is MARCH 31st. The theme for this particular issue is SCIENCE (a word I feel should probably always be capitalized and bolded for effect).

NOTE: they are not looking for sci-fi* they are looking for fiction and poetry about science! (whether this be physics, biology, chemistry, etc.)
(Submissions for short-fiction are lagging behind the poetry, so hurry up with those short-pieces!!)

The Incongruous has two amazing guest-editors for this issue: Jon Paul Fiorentino, editor of Matrix magazine; and Elizabeth Bachinsky, author of the poetry books Curio (BookThug, 2005), and God of Missed Connections (Nightwood Edition, 2009).

you can send fiction submissions to:
poetry to:
or general questions to:

FIRST, though, I would recommend you take a look at the detailed call for submissions on their website here (scroll down to see their submissions guidelines).

can't wait to see all the literary goodness! :)

v live long and prosper v

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