Tuesday, October 25, 2011

the dg issue two launch party!

last Friday, October 21st, we hosted the launch of our second issue! and we had an awesome time :)
the evening featured three poetry readings from issue two contributors, a musical performance by Young Wife, and free vegan treats! (the Rise Above donuts were snatched up like there was no tomorrow, hahaha.)

we kicked off the night with (the imaginary being) Terry Trowbridge who regaled us with stories of the planetary weather patterns of Jupiter and Saturn, topping off his hilarious performance by reading his piece from issue two, "Italian Astronaut Mourns Mother's Death".
Natalie Zina Walschots-- poet/metal head/music reviewer/awesome lady-- then shared some of her supervillain love poetry! judging by the amount of things she's accomplished in such a short time, I'm almost positive Natalie doesn't sleep, hahaha.
after a short break of drinks, snacks, and chats, we headed back to the performing area and listened to some more great work by Mat Laporte-- one of the only attendees who actually dressed up in a Halloween costume: that's how awesome he is! Mat read from issue two, and his book Demons (which was published by the Press he co-runs, Ferno House <- check them out!).
finally, Young Wife capped the evening off with some great tunes!

the night had a pretty wide-ranging audience-- poetry and art lovers, local music buffs, people interested in supporting Niagara businesses, and more! in fact, some folks who came out to see Young Wife ended up falling in love with the poetry aspect of the evening, and approached the readers asking where and how they could get more involved in the lit community of St. Kitts.

so, the dg crew put their heads together, and came up with an idea: a monthly event where lit-art-music-activism can come together! local poetry, bands, visual art, theatre performances, talks on animal rights/queer rights/environmental rights, and a ton more. *tentatively known as the 'spread the word' series - we'll have more information for you in November! :)

thanks so much to everyone who came by on Friday to support! also, thanks to everyone who's ordered a copy of issue two already!
if you weren't able to make it to the launch party, you can pick up your copy of issue two here :)

congratulations once again to our contest winners!
first prize - Natalie Z. Walschots
runner up - Sean M. Cummings
three outstanding pieces by - Mat Laporte, Ian Langohr, Robin Richardson

another great round of contributors! we can't wait for the next one :)

v love, dg v

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