Friday, November 4, 2011

Steel Bananas - Call for Submissions

the rad folks at Steel Bananas Art Collective are looking for submissions for their 29th issue!!
 *the theme is 'austerity' :) 

SB would like pieces that focus on "the globalization of capital markets, neoliberalism, economic turmoil, and subsequent protests gripping several countries across the globe. [They] welcome diverse perspectives, devil's advocates, and in-betweeners." (*from the SB site.)

they're accepting poetry, fiction, non-fiction, visual art, and photography for print and online publication!

the deadline is Tuesday, November 15th!

when you're all set, you can send your work on over to
please check out their site for more info, and for more of their awesomeness :)

photo by David Shankbone, "Occupy Wall Street, 2011"

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