Friday, February 10, 2012

call for zine partnerships!

after featuring Hello Vegan Zine (from Toronto, Ontario) along with each of our issue two orders, we definitely fell in love with the idea of helping to distribute all kinds of zines around the globe with dg!

so, LET'S TEAM UP :)

we can help spread word about your zine/zine distro in all kinds of awesome places! we've shipped across Canada, the U.S. (including Los Angeles and New York City), the UK, and Australia!

HOW IT WORKS: mail any amount of zines you'd like to dg's evil headquarters, (feel free to also send business cards/stickers/buttons,) and when someone orders a copy of dg, we send them your work along with the mag! :)

you can find our shipping address on the contact page of our site,
but please toss us an email with any questions or concerns you might have first! 

can't wait to feature you!

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