Friday, April 15, 2011

issue one order form :)

the second print run of dead (g)end(er)'s first issue is being prepared! and if you'd like to get your hands on a copy or two, I've set up the below order statement :)

step one) copy the below order form into an email
step two) fill it out!
step three) send it on over to :)

*live in Canada? the shipping's on us!!

order form

your name:
quantity (limit 3 mag's per order):
mailing address:
telephone number (home and/or cell):

*once you've sent your order, I'll be emailing you back within a day to give you the date for when we expect to receive the next batch :)

pricing-- $8 each (artists in dg get their copy for $5 !)

cheques/money orders should be made out to Lindsay Cahill :)

(if you'd like to arrange a face-to-face delivery, that's totally cool too!)
once your payment's been confirmed, your copy of dg will be on its way immediately! :)

if you have any initial concerns or inquiries about your order, please contact me, Lindsay Cahill, at:, or

thanks again to everyone for helping us SELL OUT our first print run at the dg launch last week! :)


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