Monday, May 16, 2011

the future of dg

so, the first issue of the magazine is printed and for sale-- what now, dg? :)
will there be an issue two?

the next issue is set for October, 2011!
the call-for-submissions and theme announcement will be made on Tuesday, May 31st :)

*also, I'd like to update everyone on the progress of dead (g)end(er)'s second print-run! the lot should be arriving by next week, and then I'll mail out the ordered copies immediately :)

finally, you may have noticed that the dg site now has a few new pages above: an 'about us', where you can learn a bit more about some of dg's interests; the 'issue archive', where you can order copies of dead (g)end(er); and lastly, 'the q continuum', where you'll find all of our past and future awesome research articles :)

the dg hiatus and my little vacation have come to an end, and I'm ready to get right back at it, so feel free to send me an email with questions, or just to chat :)

thanks so much,
lindsay cahill
v live long and prosper v

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