Friday, May 27, 2011

stepping stones Nigeria

The issue of children's rights in Africa has been gaining major international attention and concern these last few years. The biggest inspiration for this focus is the continually growing and aggressive organization Stepping Stones Nigeria (officially established in 2005). SSN is a charity dedicated to bringing justice and safety to the children of Nigeria, offering chances for a better education, and helping to stop child-trafficking.

Stepping Stones Nigeria has also helped to shed light on the disturbing concept of 'child-witches' in many parts of Africa. Children are being blamed-- cast-out as 'witches'-- for particular family issues such as poverty, divorce, death, or purely due to superstitious beliefs. Child-witches are then abandoned, tortured, or killed by the community, or even their own families.
"In recent times, it is thought children have become the target for initiation by the elderly 'witches' as it is believed that they are more susceptible to their spells and are quicker in action." (Source.)
(You can learn more about child-witches in Nigeria on In Depth Africa.)
Stepping Stones Nigeria is fighting to end the superstition and impending harm of the so-called 'child-witches'.

If you'd like to help SSN with their amazing cause, you can learn more about becoming a volunteer on the 'Get Involved' page of their website, or you can donate to the SSN by clicking here.

In the Niagara region, and wondering how you can help?
Tomorrow, Saturday, May 28th at 8pm, some amazing local music talents are banding together to raise funds for SSN at Strega Cafe (19 King Street, St. Catharines, Ont.).

The night is set to include:
Jaimie Godard, Eric Smith, Grey Kingdom, Send Christians, and the dg favorite, Young Wife!

v dg will see you there! v

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