Wednesday, August 10, 2011

dg puts the 'ay' in paypal! *wink

although becoming 'hip with the times' isn't something I'm very interested in doing personally... for the better of dg, we've decided to upgrade into the twenty-first century with a paypal button.
this decision was not made because of the whole 'faster and easier' misconception about the web, as much as we thought paypal would make dg much more accessible to folks outside the Niagara Region :)

thank you so much to everyone who has supported us with kind comments, encouraging letters, and by picking up a copy of the mag. the kindness has been overwhelming!
dg hopes we're doing Southern Ontario proud :)

hellooo, future... err, present:

who may I say is clicking?

*we're still accepting snail-mail cheques/money orders, and face-to-face delivery requests :)
you can check out our mailing info on the 'issue archive' page above <- and you can also refer back to the issue archive page for the new paypal button, as well :)

(be comforted in the knowledge that while dead (g)end(er) may be treading the futuristic line, I remain here watching old episodes of the Twilight Zone and listening to my Best of Cher tapes... here's to 'never being with it'.)

v Cahill out v

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