Sunday, February 20, 2011

upcoming homegrown events!

in art:

Duncan Allosaur Griffiths has (awesomely) set up a variety night of art-entertainment for Friday, March 4th at Fine Grind Cafe (37 James Street, St. Catharines, Ontario). The event-- set to begin at 8pm-- will include poetry, story-telling, comedy, theatre, and some ambient tunes! The evening is also acting as a fundraiser for a theatrical event Griffiths will be holding this summer, so donations are kindly encouraged!
(Just a reminder that Fine Grind Cafe is a cash-only venue-- forget your plastic!)
Come all ye beatniks! Bring your bongos; it's sure to be a grand ol' time :)

*Duncan is the co-creator of Words Radio, which you can tune in to hear on Tuesdays from 3-3:30 on 103.7 FM*

The Niagara Artists' Centre (NAC) in conjunction with the Grey Borders Reading Series (GBRS) has put together the art/lit exhibit of a lifetime! 'The Bird is the Word' event will explore the fine line between 'visual art' and 'poetry', localizing several of Canada's most beloved artists and their pieces right in your own backyard! With a media mixture of all sorts (sculpture, video, onsite installation, etc.), the highly anticipated event will feature the works of derek beaulieu, bill bissett, Judith Copithorne, kevin mcpherson eckhoff, Marinko Jareb, Travis Kirton, Kelly Mark, Steve McCaffery, a.rawlings, Laurel Woodcock, Hallie Siegel & Matthew Donovan & Gregory Betts. (Holy moly!!)
The exhibit will be on display from March 9th until June 4th, 2011; and the opening reception takes place at the NAC (354 St. Paul Street, St. Catharines, Ont.) March 11th at 7pm: along with readings by a few of the writers, there will be a musical performance by Gary Barwin.
This is going the be the cat's pyjamas! The event is free, but the NAC would appreciate any donations you could possibly make to support them! :)

in lit:

dead (g)end(er) would like to take a moment to thank the president of the Brock University Creative Writer's Club, Phil Miletic, for setting up and hosting a beautiful poetry reading given by angela rawlings! A few Brock students who had attended a workshop run by rawlings earlier in the day also gave a reading of some of their own sound-poetry: a brilliant time! Thanks so much to Phil for putting the event on; it was lovely!

And of course, I must mention, the deadline for dead (g)end(er) magazine is MARCH FIRST!! GET MOVING ON THOSE SUBMISSIONS! (Writers, I'm looking at you, the visual artists are kicking your buttz!)

in music:

There are some spectacular shows coming up next week at the Mansion House (5 William Street, St. Catharines, Ont.): Northern Primitive, Mockingbird Wish Me Luck, and guests on February 21st ($7 adv/$10 door); Great Bloomers, Huron, Howler and guests on February 22nd ($7 adv/$10 door); Lambs Become Lions, Young Wife, Ben Somer, and guests on February 24th ($8 adv/$10 door). Each show begins at 7pm!

ALSO, Monday, March 14th is the set day for the CD RELEASE of the evermore talented local band Elk!! They'll be putting on a show with some guests starting at 7pm that night at the Mansion House, where you can pick up a copy of their new album :)
It's $8 advanced and $10 at the door! DON'T MISS IT!
The release of the CD is supported by the locally owned and run Indoorshoes Record Label <- click to check out more about them and their awesome mission.

better see you at one or all of these events:

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