Saturday, August 20, 2011

we're puttin' on our game faces...

^ game face ^

today, dg embarks on a quest through the mysterious land of InDesign for Adobe.
(all the buttons/possibilities frighten me... hahaha)
we're setting up a solid template for the mag layout that we'll be able to use again and again!

we'll probably change up the layout a bit each issue-- to keep our readers on their toes, *wink-- but a template will make the actual layout process a whole lot smoother and faster! (the last issue did not have a template, so the mag took many sleepless days/nights of too-much-coffee-and-online-television to help me through, hahaha.)

the big thing we're looking to improve on this round: the use of space.

while I wanted-- and still want-- to give each work their own distinct space in the mag, I'm learning how I can avoid too much empty space and too much 'clutter'.

a few main things we'll be zeroing in on:
  • utilising the available space for visual pieces-- I'd like them to take up the whole page-- and reworking the placement of the artist's name/title of the piece.
  • rethinking our use of text-- lit pieces longer than four pages vs. pieces only a few words long: how do we balance the range of textual works?
  • adding page numbers... hahaha, I could not for the life of me figure out how to do page numbers last time, but I am determined to have them this time!

our style is going to try to marry underground punk zine with couture fashion mag with 1950s comic book :)


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