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issue four - Fall, 2012 - OUR FINAL ISSUE

dg magazine's final issue was released in November, 2012, and goes out with a bang of twenty-one diverse artists from across the globe. an outstanding and unique mixture of style and media—perfectly dg. packed to the brim with visual poetry, collaborations, short fiction, photography, sketches, and digital experimentation, issue four stands to represent everything we’ve set out to accomplish with this mag over the last two years! issue four was printed in extremely limited numbers, so don’t miss out on picking up our final piece of the dg puzzle! 40pgs / colour / glossy print / staple bound / beautiful.

contributors: Gregory Betts, Jeff Blackman & Peter Gibbon, Madison Brown, Caitlynn Cummings, Michael DiRisio, craig dodman & ed edmonds, Spencer Gordon, Jeff Harrison, Aimee Herman, S.J. Krahn, rob mclennan, edric mesmer, philip a. miletic, Dylin North, Krista Peterson, Julia Prudhomme, Rebecca Salazar, Robert Swereda, Amy Templeton.

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issue three - Spring, 2012

printed in April, 2012, dg's third issue includes twenty-one spectacular artists and writers from five different countries around the world! from such places as Australia, Scotland, England, New York City, Vancouver, Toronto, Hamilton, and Niagara, the issue three contributors come together to present pieces that are at once thrilling, hilarious, clever, and poignant. issue three features tons of poetry, paintings, designs, a few brilliant sculpture pieces, and even field notes from the journal of Dr. Zach Burnham (Professor of Zoology and Natural History).

contributors: Sandra Alland, Gary Barwin, Eleanor Bennett, Eugenia Catroppa, Jeremy Colangelo, Matthew Davies, Dillon Douglas, Jennifer Emily, Julie Gemuend, Dan Manchego-Badiola, D. Cole Ossandon, Dorota Pankowska, Jamison Sarteschi, Richard Truhlar, Jacqueline Valencia, Tracy Van Oosten & Victoria Jaski, Bec Wonders, Liz Worth, Lisa Young, and Katie Zack.

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issue two - Fall, 2011 - SOLD OUT
dg's second issue-- our sci-fi and horror issue-- was published in October, 2011, and includes contributors from Niagara, Guelph, London, Toronto, Montreal, Colorado (US), and even Santiago (Chile)! in dg #two, you'll find sea monsters, a ten minute play, a review of Samuel Roy-Bois' art exhibition Polarizer, mask art, astro-art, skull-art, cosmopo, robopo, love poems for supervillains, art that touches on the horrors of the meat industry, and a ton more! (this issue includes a special cover and back cover by artist David O'Connor!)

contributors: Kaye Chang, Sean Cummings, Mike DiRisio, Sebastian Franchini, Matthew F. George, Bob Goodall, Jaclyn Gugelyk, Ian Langohr, Mat Laporte, Nathaniel G. Moore, Anthony Perri, RL Raymond, Robin Richardson, Terry Trowbridge, and Natalie Z. Walschots.

issue one - Spring, 2011 - SOLD OUT
dg's first issue was published in April, 2011, and includes seven brilliantly printed visual art pieces, and over twenty pages of poetry and short-fiction. a truly eclectic journal with themes ranging from self-identity and social commentary, to zombies and public urination. each voice comes together with one common goal: screwing categorization :)

contributors: Jade Alyssa, Adrienne Crossman, Vickie Fagan, Duncan Allosaur Griffiths, Cassie Leigh, Daniel Manchego-Badiola, Courtney Michaud, philip a. miletic, Emi Morimoto, Karlee Morse, Alex Nevin, Eric Schmaltz, Steph-Marie Szenasi, Stephanie Tingzon, Helen Tran, Shane Turner, and Tracy Van Oosten.