dg is now calling for submissions for our FOURTH ISSUE!
the deadline for issue four is AUGUST 31st, 2012.

dg accepts submissions from anyone regardless of sex, age, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, planet of birth, or style of writing. (we are open to international submissions, but we do have a soft spot for Canadian goodness.)

we like the radical, the hilarious, and the unique!

we accept:
visual art - photography, doodles, sketches, paintings, sculptures, graphic design, make-up art, fashion design, etc.
  • attach up to five visual pieces! [high resolution jpg. doc's/photos.]
literature - poetry, visual poetry, short fiction, flash fiction, articles, reviews, interviews, essays, novel excerpts, screen-play excerpts, theatre excerpts, song lyrics, etc.
  • submit up to five poems or prose pieces no longer than 2000 words! please send writing in the body of your email, or as a single attachment!
*prose writers: since we typically only have room to print three or so short stories per issue, sending along some flash fiction-- stories that are no longer than 750-1000 words-- might help your chances of getting into dg :)

submissions and inquiries can be sent to:
(you must include your mailing address with your submission. 
biographies are strongly encouraged!)

*due to copyrights, we cannot print previously published work!
although we also can’t print ‘fan art—we accept fan-submissions for online publication on our site! send us no more than three pieces of art or 1000 words with ‘fan art’ in the subject line. 

please allow up to one or two months for an official response on your submission.

if you’re not familiar with what kind of work we usually go for, pick up a copy of one of our past issues! :)