Thursday, June 23, 2011

'good poetry for a good cause'

phafours press is currently calling for poetry submissions on the theme of: 
The Value of Air.

the deadline is: August 31st, 2011
(chapbook to be printed for November, 2011)

all proceeds from the sale of the chapbook will be going directly to the Guatemala Stove Project (GSP), to help provide a $200 stove for a Mayan family "to cook and breathe clean air." :)

spearheaded by poet Pearl Pirie, the chapbook is sure to get some big support in the hopes of inspiring a second print-run, and another stove for a second Mayan family!

GSP writes, "[b]ecause the stoves burn more efficiently villagers use only half as many trees for fire wood in an area that is already suffering from deforestation . . . Families who participate also commit labour and resources to a co-operative enterprise with other GSP families in the area. Group initiatives such as a market gardens, egg production, or craft co-ops increase village self sufficiency and strengthen the local autonomy. Best of all, they are sustainable." You can read more about GSP's history and mission here :)

phafours is looking for all kinds of poetry: from lyrical to vispo; from 'universal' to 'experimental'. it's all "good poetry for a good cause." (Source.)

send your Value of Air poetry to by August 31st to help out a Mayan family :) more info can be found on Pearl Pirie's site here!

v live long, prosper, and support self-sustaining communities v

ps: below is a clip of Pearl Pirie catapulting candies into the audience of a Grey Borders' Reading that I was lucky enough to attend last year, hahaha! :)

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