Thursday, August 4, 2011

a Savage art show!

author Nathaniel G Moore is calling for SUBMISSIONS for an art and literary show called ‘The Last Savage’ in honour and in memoriam of RANDY “MACHO MAN” SAVAGE!

he's accepting poetry, visual art, video, audio, music and more! :)
“Participants are encouraged to draw or write short pieces exploring sentimental or trivial heroes from their childhood ... The reading portion of the night will take the form of a “live” anthology of childhood hero poetry or prose. I’m looking for work that celebrates infantile and juvenile memories. So find your own Randy Savage, write something and get in touch with me about being a part of this show.” (Canada Arts Connect Submissions Call)

and you can send your work to!

the show is set to be held in November, 2011, and the venue will be announced soon :)

dg approves this as 100% pure organic COOL.

here's some Savage inspired awesomeness by Moore you should check out :)
Savage (Taddle Creek)
Randy Savage's Moustache (an audio piece from Notho)

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