Tuesday, November 22, 2011


dead gender magazine is teaming up with Toronto, Ontario's Hello Vegan Zine to bring you a sweet deal :)
order your copy of dg's second issue, and you'll get HVZ's first issue-- the 'how-to-guide'-- FREE!

ohhh yeah, dg's already in the holiday spirit :)
also, we really love Hello Vegan Zine - everyone should get the chance to check it out!
HVZ is a really fun and entertaining read for vegans and non-vegans alike!
check out their website and a bit more about them here :)

supplies are extremely limited, so get your copy of dg issue two/free copy of HVZ now!
order below, or on the 'issue archive' page above!

who may I say is clicking?

"Information is key, sharing is vital. It's how we create change." - Hello Vegan Zine :)

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