Wednesday, February 22, 2012

issue three DEADLINE

we couldn't be happier or more excited about all the great submissions we've been going through, and all the amazing places that artists have been contacting us from!

don't forget! the deadline for issue three is next WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 29th!
the sooner the better, so move your behinds :)

we have a ridiculous amount of cool announcements to make over the next week or two, so stay tuned with us on our facebook page, or twitter!

we're spending the next little while non-stop contacting people, and giving everything a second read! I'm not sure whether that means we'll be available online way more or way less, so I'll just apologize now for either scenario-- hahahaha!

*if you're waiting on an email update or confirmation from dg, expect one over the next couple days :)

also! are you on we just got an account!
you can check out what we're listening to while we read over submissions :)
I wanna know what you're playing too, though-- so friend us here!!

we'll update you all on issue three again soon!
v dg v

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