Monday, May 14, 2012

wherefore art thou, dg?

as you've probably noticed, dg has been slackin' on the twitter, facebook, and blog updates, hahaha!

we've been taking a serious 'vaca' (as the kids say) to catch up on some writing and art projects :)

I miss you all a ridiculous amount, though! I can't wait to get back at it!
actually, our next reading period is coming up quick! technically, it starts June 1st, but-- in all honesty-- we may not call for submissions until mid-June!

issue three is flying off the shelves, so I would jump on it as soon as you can :)
you can order a copy off the shop dg page!

also, not to get too ahead of myself, but issue four is already looking mind blowing!
can't wait to drop some of the surprises we have in store :)

love you and miss you all!
update you soon!

x dg x

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